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Cargo bike messenger service in New York, NY


Run by Cargo Bike World Champion 2005 Hodari Depalm with his cargo bike, Checker Courier can deliver more, bigger items, faster and more reliably than any other company in New York. We can carry 200 pounds of paper, or 15 portfolios, or your receptionist, and still won't loose a second on the other messengers who ride with a wimpy basket or bag. Plus, your packages will be dry, safe and never smushed or wrinkled.

Courier and Messenger services include

  • 2-hour Messenger Service (up to 100 lbs)
  • 1-hour Rush Service (up to 100 lb)
  • Supersize Deliveries (up to 200 lb)
  • Court Filings and other Paperwork
  • Bulk Mail Processing
We are reliable, we are professional, we are sexy. You can order a run right here on this website.
An instant after you hit the "submit" button your order appears on our pagers and we will be there within the next half hour. (15 minutes for rushes). If we are backed up we will notify you immediately, and you will always know what's going on.

For details, view the tips for ordering a run and our terms and conditions.
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